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Reflection: Virtual Field Trip to the “New” Man-Made Wonders of the World

My Google Earth virtual field trip was designed for my 7th grade students, in collaboration with their social studies and English writing curriculums. Standards: Social Studies:   7.1, History of Ancient Civilizations English:  7.2, Comprehension and Analysis of Nonfiction and Informational … Continue reading

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Unit 7-Keeping Current

As a Technology Coordinator, I really wanted to find a resource that encompassed all the different areas that I work with.  The blog, “Ask a Tech Teacher”, has been a really great find for me! This blog is written by … Continue reading

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Unit 6-Activity to develop Respectful & Ethical Minds

I discovered the global project called “Debunking Stereotypes” while going through the iEarn catalog of collaborative projects, and I can’t wait to use it this year with my middle-school students. In this project, students research stereotypes that people outside of … Continue reading

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