Glogster-reflection (Unit 5)

To set the stage for educators to encourage students to use and develop their creating mind, we need to do a few things.  First, we need to be ready to model creativity in our presentations and teaching to them.  Secondly, we have to assure them that our classroom is a safe place to practice their creativity.  And last, they need to know that creativity will not only be encouraged, but be rewarded!

Glogster is a great tool to use to accomplish these three goals. 

As an educator, I can use Glogster myself to create innovative and worthwhile projects for the students.  Using all of the creative tools available in the program, I can design a Glog that engages students in the curriculum, while also modeling creativity in its presentation and appearance.  My activity glog on the Rainforest is an example of how I could use a glog in this way.  On accessing the glog, students will be introduced to the activity by watching an embedded video on Rainforests.   Then they are directed by audio and by visual cues to their writing prompt activity, which also includes some video segments.  After writing, students can then proceed to some fun websites which will enhance their study of the rainforest.  Several photos of rainforest animals are presented on the glog, as well as the background photo of a rainforest biome, all reinforcing the theme of the lesson.  This activity addresses a number of Indiana state standards including Social Studies (interactions of people and their environment), Science (learning about different varieties of organisms and explore how they satisfy their needs in their environments), Critical Thinking, and English (Writing applications, English Language conventions).

Students witnessing my use of glogs as teaching tools in the classroom will know that this is a safe and acceptable method of presentation.  Many kids will be naturally drawn to the tricks and tips of the program knowing that they can use them to create something that is unique and fun.  And even better, the teacher wants them to do it!!!  Following my planned activity on the rainforest, students could create their own glogs, selecting various different topics that all relate to the subject.  For example, students could create glogs on different animals of the rainforest, or the different layers of the biome, or different medicines that have been created through rainforest research.  Part of the grading rubric could include points for creativity and originality and the use of different tools in their presentation.

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